You’re my first

That’s right. You’re my first, dear reader. First blog, first people on the Internet to follow me as I beat a path through the world with my name on it.

If you couldn’t tell from the site title, I’m introverted. The bottom line of this blog is to give you a place to go where we might find something in common with one another.┬áMaybe you’re just looking for a good laugh at an awkward encounter (I have plenty of those). Maybe you’re looking for cute dog pictures or training tips from an amateur. Maybe you’re a fellow introvert (hi!) looking for someone who shares the struggle. Maybe you’re an extrovert wondering what these introverts are all about.

Whoever you are, welcome. I’m excited to share my adventures with you. Everything here is written from my perspective and my experiences; it definitely doesn’t encompass all introverts everywhere.

Stick around, pull out a good book (or some Netflix) in the meantime. I’m glad you’re here!