A New Chapter

Hey guys!

So much has happened in this introverted life over the past few days (if we’re being honest with one another, “so much happening” is a little unusual for me).

I’ll start from the beginning! It hailed here. It was like snow in the summer. Truly bizarre for the southern US. Let me insert a personal aside here, I have lived in the northeastern US, so I do actually know what “real snow” looks like. I miss the snow and the cold weather, so let’s agree to disagree that what is pictured is snow. No damage to the cars, so I was grateful for that.

Second, I leave for vacation in 1 day! I’m so excited! I’ve been working a ton over the past month or so and am ready for some R&R. Some activities we have planned are: getting drunk, beach, deep-sea fishing, drinking, hiking, horse-back riding, drinking… did I mention rum? I will keep ya’ll posted. I might just have some cool ideas if any of you decide to vacation at the beach (specifically, the West Coast of Florida).

Lastly. You might have read that I’m a dog-lover and amateur trainer in the About Me box. The gist of that is that I train service dogs as a volunteer. I volunteer for a very small organization that trains service dogs for individuals with disabilities. Sunny is my very first SD in training (see pic below, cute pupper). He is my boy. He’s been with me for 2 years (since he was 8 weeks old) and I’ve been training him for that long as well. When you volunteer as a puppy trainer, you agree to turn the dog in when it is time. It’s hard. I know. Tomorrow is the day I turn him in. I love this dog as much as my heart can, and I am about to give him away to finish his advanced training and go on to be a wonderful SD to someone who needs him. It might be the hardest thing I have done so far that lacks an immediate result, something I can see physically so that I know I did the right thing. It takes time to finish the training and he will be with his phase II trainer for a while. He will be paired up with someone who needs him, and maybe in a year or so, he will go off as a real working service dog.


Anyway, that’s enough sadness for the day. This vacation coming up will be a good time to practice my “extroverted” skills. Hope your summer is kicking off well!



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